Stuart and Suzanne Grant


Like many families, Stuart and Suzanne began visiting the Institute when their children were young. Their kids fell in love with the Institute’s exhibits and especially with the Tuttleman IMAX theater and films about space exploration. Now that they’re older, the Grants’ three children, Sam, Jake, and Niki, still enjoy the Institute, including riding in the flight simulator. Suzanne feels that the positive experiences of science and technology that they had at the Institute have really stayed with them. “We’ve been visiting colleges with the boys and they see a planetarium as a real asset to a school. They appreciate it.” Seeing what visits to the Institute did for her children, Suzanne says she really loves when she visits and sees excited children in school groups exploring. “The Institute is an important place in Philadelphia because it shows kids what they’re studying in school in hands-on ways. It makes everything real.”

Stuart says that they decided to join The Benjamin Franklin Legacy Society, a group of donors who have included the Institute in their estate plans, “because we recognized that The Franklin Institute was a place we wanted to support in perpetuity.”

With their ongoing support of The Benefactor Society, the Grants also support the powerful experiences that students and families have each day at the Institute. They not only visit often, traveling from their home in Delaware, but recommend the Institute to out-of-towners as a “must see” destination for visitors of all ages.



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