Mary Anne Lowery


Mary Anne Lowery worked as a computer systems programmer at Verizon for 30 years. A graduate of Howard University, she always liked gadgets; and she not only used that affinity in her career, but in teaching and mentoring a generation of students in the PACTS program. The Institute first approached Mary Anne for assistance with the PACTS program in the 1990s in her role as a member of the Black Data Processing Associates organization. Soon she was working with students at local community centers and at the Institute itself.

From camping trips to environmental research to building rockets and conducting experiments, Mary Anne continues to assist the program and its students with discovering science and technology, the careers they might want to pursue, and what options education can open for them.

“I enjoyed working with the students,” she reports. “I hope the kids enjoyed it. It was very worthwhile work. Throughout the years the students were curious to learn. I remember Albert Hicks as one of the first students in South Philly. He was always interested in the workshops. Then there was Aubria Nance Phillips from the Germantown center who became a leader at a young age.” Dr. Hicks is now a cardiology fellow at Johns Hopkins University Hospital, and Ms. Phillips is a tenured assistant professor at Philadelphia Community College. Along with her fellow PACTS mentors, Mary Anne has helped hundreds of PACTS students to learn about science and technology, and just as important, to become responsible citizens.

As if years upon years of her time were not enough, Mary Anne Lowery recently made yet another generous contribution to The Franklin Institute. She is remembering the Institute in her estate plan with a gift of her retirement assets that currently have a value of $400,000.  This commitment will continue to support the PACTS program after she is gone. “I hope PACTS will continue,” she said. “When you work with kids to help them get interested in something you’re interested in, you can make great connections.”



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